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Members tell us one of the most important reasons for attending the Annual Conference are the education sessions. Speakers include professional speakers, industry experts, and association leaders.

Session Topics and Speakers

Mike Bowers
Founder & CEO, Center for Student Travel Safety
Mike Bowers will be speaking on various safety issues related to the student travel industry.

Daniel Dozier
Director, Students of the World
Multi-media Storytelling Training
We expand empathy and empower young people to build bridges, uplift voices, and create positive change by harnessing the power of storytelling. We have traveled to over 40 countries telling hundreds of stories, from environmental resilience, to human rights, global education, workforce development and more.
Learn how to teach participating students pre-departure about storytelling and generate unique content and powerful direct word of mouth marketing materials; curate a multimedia ecosystem that generates and shares this organic content creation; leverage awareness and convert new leads into a community and movement that remains actively engaged moving forward.

Stuart Levy, MBA, PhD
Associate Teaching Professor of Management, George Washington University
Experiential Learning
Stuart Levy, MBA, PhD will speak on infusing experiential travel with experiential learning, transforming the educational tour experience.

Barb McCormack
Vice President of Education, Newseum
Real Media Literacy for a Fake News World
An intensive exploration of today’s news and information landscape that empowers participants to evaluate media content and their own media consumption habits
This interactive, hour-long program introduces the challenges facing news consumers around the globe and shares strategies to begin tackling them. Real-life examples of surprising and false news stories selected to resonate with the audience become the basis to practice putting these flexible strategies into practice.

Ellen Malasky
President, NFTGA
Ensuring a Successful Tour
The best planned tour is still dependent on the ability of the guide to execute the itinerary. The National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and it’s 19 member associations provide training and education and, in many cases, certification for local guides and escorts. This session will discuss the advantages of hiring professional guides, local regulations and information about the 19 NFTGA member associations

Jeff Ment, Esq
Managing Partner, The Ment Law Firm
Legal and Contracts Issues 
Jeff will be returning to the SYTA Annual Conference and will be discussing topics related to hotel contracts, relationships with school boards, human resources angle of managing your teams.

Amy Wescott 
Owner, Polish Writing & Editing
Word Crimes and eMail Blunders
Little things make a big difference in whether your writing will be received and responded to as you intend. This session will explore the top “word crimes” writers commit (and how to fix them!) and how to write email that will be easy to understand and hard to ignore.

The Power of a Polished Message
A polished message is powerful. Whether you are communicating with customers, clients, volunteers, or co-workers, your message makes a difference in your company’s success. This session explores what a polished message is (and what it isn’t!), examines common pitfalls to polished messaging, challenges you to evaluate your current messages, and offers tips for making your message more powerful.

CSTP Bootcamp – Friday, August 24th – 1:30pm-3:30pm

The CSTP Bootcamp will get you started towards earning your CSTP (Certified Student Travel Professional) designation. By attending the Bootcamp and the Annual Conference, you’ll meet the requirement of 3 hours of face-to-face education towards your CSTP. We encourage you to register for your CSTP prior to attending Bootcamp. This can be added to your conference registration.


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