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Business Sessions

SYTA’s Business Sessions are the heart of the Annual Conference. SYTA provides six-minute prescheduled appointments, where Buyers and Sellers obtain information and create business relationships.

Buyer appointment-taking attendees are seated at individual booths for the five sessions and have appointments: Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and afternoon, and Monday morning and afternoon with ALL Sellers. Note: There will not be a DMO/CVB/Receptive Operator Only Session this year.

Sellers are strongly encouraged to attend all business sessions, luncheons, education sessions, and evening events to meet tour operator attendees.

Appointment Portal – NOW OPEN FOR REQUESTS

The online SYTA Appointment Portal is now open for profile creation, research, and appointment requests. All appointment-taking attendees should have received an email with Login ID and password information. To access the appointment portal, CLICK HERE.

For tips on how to research profiles or make appointment requests through the Appointment Portal – CLICK HERE

Appointment Scheduling Timeline

Wednesday, April 18 Company Profile Creation/Update & Research Open
Thursday, May 3 Appointment Requests Open
Friday, July 27 Appointment Requests Close
Thursday, August 9 Final Appointment Schedules Available Online

Note: SYTA’s appointment requests will remain open until July 27, 2018. There will be NO manual appointment scheduling.

Appointment Questions? Please contact SYTA Staff, Hannah Degn at 703-610-0250 or email [email protected].

Business Appointment Sessions (Hours)

Saturday, August 25 1:45 pm – 5:00 pm
Sunday, August 26 8:45 am – 10:43 am
2:00 pm – 5:43 pm
Monday, August 27 9:00 am – 12:01 pm
3:15 pm – 5:34 pm

Understanding SYTA’s Business Session Scheduling Process

Buyer and Seller appointment-takers have the opportunity to request appointments with the organizations they most want to meet with during the Business Sessions through the appointment portal.

Appointment takers are defined as those attendees registered with an appointment book and they may share their appointment book with Non Appointment taking attendees. Only one email address may be associated with the appointment book in the appointment portal.

Tour operators may share their appointment books with non appointment takers or complimentary registrations in order to attend education sessions or walk the Showcase Floor. Tour operators with more than one book of appointments may share the same booth or request another booth (based upon availability). Tour operators must register two appointment takers each with their own book of appointments in order to receive two complimentary registrations.

Sellers may share their book of appointments with non appointment taking seller but a maximum of two sellers from the same company may share the book and take a business appointment. Non appointment taking sellers are not permitted to walk the Business Session floor and take appointments without the Seller appointment taker.

SYTA gives you the flexibility of requesting your appointments through the portal, allowing you to change and update your requests until the minute they are scheduled. Sellers also have the option to block their schedules if they are unable to meet during any of the Business Sessions.

SYTA’s appointment scheduling program schedules nearly 80% of mutually requested appointments (meaning both Buyer and Seller requested to meet with each other) and 75% of Buyer requested appointments.

Sellers must make a request in order to meet with a buyer. Sellers are encouraged to make up to 55 requests. Appointments are scheduled based on attendee’s company registration date, priority of request and type of request.

Seller appointment-taking delegates do not have booths, but walk the floor and move from Buyer to Buyer for their appointments. Sellers can make up to 55 requests. Buyers can make up to 180 appointment requests. Requesting the maximum appointments increases your chances of getting those mutual requests.

The average Seller appointment schedule is between 20 to 25 pre-scheduled appointments over the three days. Sellers may use the Buyer directory through the appointment portal to request meetings outside the Business Sessions.

SYTA Guarantee

If you have not had the opportunity to meet with a particular buyer or seller company, let a member of the SYTA leadership or SYTA team know and we will assist with arranging a personal introduction for you! Our mentors, volunteers and leadership are available to help connect you with other attendees.


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