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Business Sessions

The SYTA Annual Conference offers over 20,000 pre-scheduled business appointment sessions over three days with 50 plus hours of networking.

SYTA Annual Conference offers six-minute pre-scheduled appointments, where student tour operator buyers obtain information and create business relationships with student travel industry sellers. These one-to-one appointments are the heart of SYTA’s Annual Conference. Student tour operator buyer appointment-taking attendees are seated at individual booths for three days and have appointments on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There are 100 plus appointment slots available in the student tour operator buyer appointment schedule. Student travel industry seller attendees do not have booths, but walk the floor and move from buyer to buyer for their appointments. Be on the lookout for webinars to get the MOST out of your appointments!

Appointment Portal – NOW OPEN

The online SYTA Appointment Portal is now open for profile creation, research, and appointment requests. All appointment-taking attendees should have received an email with Login ID and password information. To access the appointment portal, CLICK HERE.

Importance of Creating an Online Profile

Your company profile is your most valuable marketing tool for your appointments at the SYTA Annual
Conference. Your profile is the key search criteria used for appointment seekers and helps facilitate the
best quality appointments. This is how you get found by potential business leads.

Appointment Scheduling Timeline

April 25 Company Profile Creation/Update & Research Open
May 11 Appointment Requests Open
July 28 Appointment Requests Close
August 11 Final Appointment Schedules Available Online

Note: SYTA’s appointment requests will remain open until July 28, 2017. There will be NO manual appointment scheduling.

Appointment Questions? Please contact SYTA Staff, Hazel Mejia at 703-610-0241 or email

Business Appointment Sessions (Hours)

Saturday, August 26 9:15 am – 11:34 am (DMO/Receptives Only)
2:00 pm – 5:43 pm
Sunday, August 27 2:00 pm – 5:57 pm
Monday, August 28 1:45 pm – 5:56 pm


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